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Welcome to the Protech Learning Place!

It is populated with resources to help you set-up, administer, and perform day-to-day procedures in UX Online

The resources include webinars, eBooks, fact sheets, and other practical materials which are organized by the following content areas:

  • System Set-up
  • Basic Procedures
  • Accounting Transactions
  • Membership
  • Product Sales
  • Events

We add new content frequently - so check back often!

Below are recordings of webinars that are currently provided.

This section includes Advanced Find, Saved Views, E-mail, Invoices, Account and Contact Record Maintenance and more.

Protech Learning Resources

A quick guide to learning resources including, marketplace, Browser Bytes and PUG

Configuring Bill to Shipping to Addresses

Explains how to configure altenate bill to ship to address for invoices

Proforma (Quote) Invoices

Explains how to create a proposed invoice for sales purposes

Creating a Credit Hold Message

Learn how to create a credit hold message

Understanding Advanced Find and Saved Views

Understand how advanced find and saved views can be used to find and display data

Creating a Saved View

Create a saved view

Modifying a Saved View

Understand how to modify a saved view

Sharing Your Saved View

Learn how to share a saved view

How to Configure Global Search

Learn how to configure a global search or quick find functionality

Notes & Activities Best Practices

Explains how to utilize activities, including phone, email, tasks, letters, appointments, etc. and notes

Create a Basic Dashboard

Explains how to create dashboards in order to display data

Sending Email Templates

Understand how to sending emails online as well as using email templates

Learn how UX Online integrates with your back office accounting system, as well as the different types of transactions you can process, such as credit card processing, adjustments, and payment transactions.

Invoice Record Overview

An overview of invoice record view including the various components and interface

Learn how to manage your organization's Membership including renewal setup and billing transactions and processes.

Membership Cancellations

Understand how to cancel a membership from a membership invoice

Membership Renewal Billing Overview

Describes how to renew organizational membership including organizationan and chapter memberships

Creating Default Membership and Chapter

Define the General Ledger Accounts by creating default membership and chapter dues billing product

Installment Schedules

Demonstrates how to create and calculate invoice detail line items for pricing a new member and renewal invoices

Renewal Benefit Setup

Learn to create renewal and chapter benefits

Price Setup

Demonstrates creating membership benefit prices within the benefit rate

Benefit Rate Setup

Demonstrates creating membership benefit rates

Current Cycle and Next Cycle Proration Explained

Explains configuring current cycle and next cycle proration

This section discusses creating regions and chapters, officers and ZIP code cross-references.

Create a Region


Creating a Chapter

Demonstrates how to create a chapter in UX8

Product setup for your organization can apply to several things, including products to support membership dues, subscriptions, payments, etc. This section also discusses freight, taxes and order fulfillment.

If you have administrative rights, this is the section where you will find System settings, product updates and privacy preferences.